Dan Lacey playing bass at his home studio

Meet Dan Lacey

Dan Lacey is a musician and composer working in Los Angeles. Beginning his musical career with piano lessons from the little-old-lady down the street, he quickly moved through alto saxophone, spent the better part of a decade playing guitar, and eventually found home as a bass player.

As a Bass Player

Currently a live and session bass player, backing vocalist, and composer, Dan is a full-time member of the stoner rock outfit Ancients of Analog, the modern rock group Story’s End, a member of the backing band for singer-songwriter David Geftakys, plays in the Grunge/alternative band Kid Planet and occasionally takes the stage with various other projects in Southern California.

Dan Lacey likes to play Schecter Basses through Ampeg Amps with either Ampeg and Trace Elliot cabs. They sound good together.

Available for session work and live gigs, Dan also works as a freelance composer and arranger for hire.