Reason for Now

Bass Cover: Reason for Now

Oh man. My first bass cover video.

I wasn’t always a bass player. Actually I ended up playing bass out of necessity.

One of my long time bands, Story’s End, was headed into the studio to start tracking our first three songs, and we needed bass parts written. This was like, fall of 2011? Something like that. I ended up borrowing a right-handed bass from a friend and wrote all of the parts upside down, so at least parts existed. Then maybe we’d find someone to play them. We never did. I ended up tracking them in the session on the producer’s right-handed bass.

The bass parts for the first two songs we ever recorded—”Reason for Now” and “Monster Meat”—were recorded with me playing a right-handed bass upside-down.

Soon after it was decided that, well, since I was writing the parts, might as well be the bass player. Ended up buying my Schecter Stiletto Studio-4 for my birthday that year! Haven’t turned back.

I still play guitar from time-to-time, depending on the project. But picking up the bass—especially a left-handed one—felt like coming home.

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