Listen to Dan’s Monthly Playlist on Spotify

So, a couple of years back, I started making a Spotify playlist of songs I have either been listening to, think I should listen to more, or find interesting. For the longest time I was just sharing them with my close friends and family. But I figured may it’s time to start sharing my Monthly Playlist with the world.

Now, be prepared. I tend to jump around from genre to genre. But I usually try to get a nice flow out of things. So without further ado, here you go, world…

The Monthly Playlist

Give a listen through a few times. Share it with friends. And let me know if you find anything interesting on there.

This playlist updates monthly, so I’ll keep this post as a sticky so you can check it out next month, too. If you would like an email notification every time I update this thing, you can sign up here.

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